School Girl Bow


Our simple, yet beautiful School Girl Bows are a favorite by many. They are perfectly sized to fit any newborn to little girl. With lots of styling options, there are endless ways to wear them.

Bow options include:

Soft Nylon Headband-A super soft Nylon Headband that is one size fits all and will stretch comfortably as your baby grows.

*Our bows are designed so when your little one has enough hair for clips, just simply cut the nylon band and insert an alligator clip for many new styling options!

Reversible Alligator Clip– Our bows are specially made to easily remove clips to switch from the right to left.

Black Elastic– A small, black elastic to wrap around piggy tails, pony tails, braids and/ or buns.

***Displayed price is for ONE bow only.***